Digital Nomad Starter guide to visit Sri Lanka

Digital Nomad Starter guide to sri lanka

Travelling and working in Sri Lanka aka being a digital nomad means that you are now at the heart of the Indian Ocean. You are surrounded by the beachy waves while you feel serene and calm in nature.

Even though digital nomads do know about Sri Lanka, most of them have no clue on the basic essentials on what they need to visit and stay in Sri Lanka.

So lets get right into it shall we?

Visa for Sri Lanka

You can apply for a short term tourist visa which is valid for 30days. But it can be extended upto 6 months depending on a valid reason. A nomad can also apply for a business visa with multiple entry (valid for 30 days).

Depending on your requirements, you can apply for it on 

Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet Access

As soon as you land in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, do get a SIM card with internet access so that you are able to work even in areas that don’t have a strong Wi-Fi signal. Having your own dedicated Internet access with a 4G/LTE Broadband (average speed up to as much as 8 Mbps) will help you in working remotely and also connect with your loved ones.

But free Wi-Fi can easily be found in various cafes, hotels, co-living and co-working spaces too.


Living expenses can be expensive in different countries all around the world. But in Sri Lanka, we offer various accommodation facilities to fulfill your needs and (of course) your budget.

These places range from simple single rooms to beach huts and trendy boutique hotels and surprisingly these will be costing half from what you would spend in your home country.


Moving from one location to another is pretty easy and inexpensive in Sri Lanka as you have various forms of transportation.

It can either be the public transportation where you use buses or trains (covers 80% of the island) and for the shorter rides you can use the infamous “tuk-tuks” and taxis to get around.


As Sri Lanka is situated near the equator, it bears a tropical climate throughout the year. Not big on seasonal changes, but we do have two monsoon periods: The South-west monsoon (May to September) and The North-West monsoon (October to March). 

The temperature in Sri Lanka usually sits around 30 degrees rain or shine. There are cooler areas in the hills with temperatures hitting the mid-20s and drops further at night.