An Unforgettable Experience in Sri Lanka

An Unforgettable Experience in Sri Lanka
An exotic island with a variety of flora, animals, and immeasurable cultures that vary from one region of the island to another, tucked in the waves of the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka holds a colorful image. It was ranked as Number 02 in the Club Med report for the best country for digital nomads in 2021 and was the most-sought destination! So as digital nomad, how do you start your adventure in Sri Lanka? What are the top-notch places you can visit? We will be going through the top 10 destinations that a digital nomad can visit, stay and enjoy. So keep an eye out!



The commercial and capital city which combines a myriad of traditional history and modern buildings gives you the hustle and bustle of city life. It is filled with street food, rich architecture and fancy restaurants that you would not want to miss.



As a popular destination and one of the corners of the country’s Cultural Triangle, Kandy holds a core part in Sri Lankan history. Surrounded by mountains of rainforest, tea plantations, a beautiful lake and zigzag roads, it is infamous for the Temple of the Tooth, a sacred temple that houses Lord Buddha’s tooth.


Nuwara Eliya

Another choice for mountain lovers is none other than Nuwara Eliya. It is an ancient colonial town full of antique bungalows and tea plantations. This spot is more suitable for the digital nomad who enjoys solitude and needs concentration in either writing a book or setting up a project.



A destination close to the hearts of backpackers and digital nomads, Ella is filled with jungle mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and the greenest hilltop views. The train ride to Ella is one of life’s most magnificent experiences where you travel by a unique blue train through the bamboo forests filled with the tropical mist .



Galle, one of the country’s impressive UNESCO World Heritage sites, is filled with lush beaches of clear, turquoise water and sandy pathways. One of the best things to do is to walk around the Galle Fort’s ramparts that give you a view on the well preserved walled buildings and learn about its history and architecture while trying out mouthwatering snacks.



If you just want a relaxed day on the sand filled beaches and salty winds, then Mirissa is the spot for you. Located on the coast of the Southern part, it is a prime surfing area and well-known for its whale watching. Mirissa also offers stunning night life activities where you get to experience the culture.



Sigiriya possesses the most special and admired Lion Rock which is an enormous square-shaped rock filled with different murals and colorful paintings. The former fortress of King Kassiapa, is a 1200+ step journey to the top where you can view the mirror wall, swimming pool and the magnificent palace.



Holding one of the most popular wildlife parks filled with many leopards, elephants, monkeys, birds and deer, Yala draws many visitors. Bumping over the roads and simply enjoying life at its moment, doing a jeep safari through the plains is one the things to tick off in your bucket list.



Trincomalee, a great little town on the east coast of Sri Lanka, offers beaches filled with smooth white sand and a quiet place to enjoy nature. Merely chilling in a hammock or doing something as adventurous as snorkeling or experiencing the Hindu culture with the colorful temples, this destination is to die for.



A 360 turn from the central or south, Jaffna bears a culture full of fresh fruits, eye-watering spices and rich traditions. From visiting the local market and mingling with the locals, to chilling by the natural Keerimalai Pond, to visiting the infamous Nallur Kovil and finally trying out the different flavors of ice cream gives you a full wholesome experience.