Digital Nomad’s Dream Destinations: Analyzing the Work from Anywhere Index

Tips and hints will always help us become better digital nomads. But sometimes there is strength in numbers too. So who is ready to learn facts and figures about everything in the digital nomad world?

In today’s blog, we are going to look at destinations that are most attractive to digital nomads. These are analyzed in terms of various factors like cost of living, legislation, weather, and equality. 

The pandemic accelerated the ‘Work from Anywhere’ trend which has boosted a lot of individuals to travel and work simultaneously. Very few countries came up with visas suitable for digital nomads.  This acts as somewhat of a barrier to their work and travel life. Moreover, the conditions in those countries are not always suitable either.

Work Anywhere From Index

We will be looking at some of the very famous yet suitable cities around the world for the digital nomad in reference to the ‘Nestpick’ statistics. Nestpick analyzed these cities under three categories: Costs and Infrastructure, Legislation and Freedoms, and Livability. These categories were further divided into different factors as follows:

  1. Costs & Infrastructure – Home Office Room Rent (Euro), Accommodation Availability (Score), Income Tax, incl. Social Contributions (%), Internet Speed & Capacity (Score)
  2. Legislation & Freedoms – Remote Worker Immigration, Remote Working Infrastructure (Score), Safety, Freedom & Rights (Score), Gender Equality (Score), LGBT+ Equality (Score), Minority Equality (Score)
  3. Livability – Covid-19 Vaccination Rate (%), Cost of Living (Score), Healthcare (Score), Culture & Leisure (Score), Weather (Score), Pollution – Air, Light, Noise (Score)

Strap in your seatbelts and get ready to be blown away by these figures!

1. Costs and Infrastructure

According to the first category, Nestpick focused on the basic costs and set up requirements to work comfortably with minimum additional expenses. Rio de Janeiro ranks as the first city that provides most of the quality infrastructure while minimizing the costs as much as possible. 

But do not fret. Saint Petersburg, Istanbul, Bali, Medellin, and Budapest are the next best places for digital nomads in terms of costs and infrastructure.

2. Legislation & Freedom

For the second category, Nestpick focused on the ability to work remotely at each location, any special visa, and tax reductions with regulations. Moreover, it also focused on the ability to live safely while being able to exercise their rights.

Bali places as the spot where there is announced legislation for digital nomads in addition to having a high score for equality and safety. 

Cities like Medellin, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Zagreb, and Prague hold high scores for at least one of the factors considered under this category.

3. Livability

After evaluating these structural and legislative elements, Nestpick focused on other important factors which make a city a great place to live.

These factors include access to culture and leisure events both before and during the pandemic, as well as the general weather and levels of air, noise, and light pollution. Additionally, due to the pandemic, it also considered the vaccinated population.

Based on the Vaccination status, Boston holds first place with the highest vaccinated population. However, Tokyo hits the highest scores in Livability score in terms of events, weather, and healthcare.

However, in terms of Culture and Leisure, London holds a special place as it fulfills a 100% score. Despite a full score, Tokyo and Melbourne accomplishes scores above 95% which is still a great place to experience new adventures.

Overall Statistics

Even though there are cities that captured the first few spots under each category, you also need to know which are the best destinations for digital nomads inclusive of all these factors. 

Overall, Melbourne captures the first place with a total of 100%. In addition to that Dubai and Sydney come close. However, if you do want to travel to either the east or west of the world, then you do have places like Tokyo and Montreal too.

Yes, at last, we have finished looking at all the scores. But right now you are one cup fuller of facts and figures about the best hotspots for digital nomads, aren’t you?

Until the next arithmetic truths, hope you will have a wonderful time planning your journey to these destinations!