Mastering Work-Life Balance on the Journey: Best Practices for Digital Nomads

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Let us all step into a different realm. You have two halves of yourselves. One is someone who commits to their work and busies himself/herself with all the tasks: a typical workaholic.  

The other one is someone who focuses on their personal life and spends time with family and friends while trying out new adventures. 

If you are given the opportunity to choose a half, which one would you choose?

Yes, it is difficult to choose isn’t it? 

As a human, your basic instinct is to make special bonds and relish in them. But in order to survive and fulfill your basic essentials, you also need to earn. Get an income. So how would you choose to balance both your selves?

Do not worry. We have gotten some tips for a constant balancing lifestyle for a digital nomad!


1. Stay on top of your schedule

It can be very tempting to start your trip in a new location without any plans. But as a fellow digital nomad, I have found that planning ahead and prioritizing your work helps you tremendously. You can divide your work tasks based on their urgency and significance. This allows you to stay on top of your schedule and set aside time for your mini adventures.

2. Set clear boundaries

Balancing can be hard when you are working remotely. As you step foot in a new location, you are inclined to forget about work and try out different food, and new experience and indulge in the scenery.

But as a digital nomad, you need to set clear boundaries between work and your personal life. Set a clear schedule for when you are going to work and when you will spend time with your family and friends. Maybe you dedicate entire days to work or travel. Or you divide a day between the two. It is your choice. Whatever you choose, make sure you stick to it.

3. Travel slow

Sometimes you can be overwhelmed with all the places you need to travel to and all the food you need to indulge in. 

However, Take it slow. Indulge in your experience and make it memorable. Yes, life is too short but speeding things up and remembering nothing is not what life is.

You need to be able to enjoy the smallest things. Don’t move cities every week. Don’t head to a town every other day. Consider spending at least a few weeks in one city.

4. Analyze your time

How do you spend your time in a day? What proportion of your day do you spend usually on work? All these questions can help you in analyzing your time and prioritizing the work. 

Moreover, it can help you with making your available time as useful as possible. Focus on where you can cut down time and in which tasks you can use it more efficiently.

5. Connect with locals

The best way to make memorable experiences is to connect with locals and other digital nomads. When you connect and meet with them, you are able to meet new friends, experience the right places, and try out the famous local food. You will be able to network, attend events, and co-work with people who are as like-minded as you are.
Not only will this be fun but it can also help in your professional life as well.

6. Invest in proper tools

When you work online you need to have proper access to Wi-Fi and tools that can help you with an efficient process. Before choosing a specific location, take a look at the Wi-Fi. Is it easily accessible? What is the network bandwidth? By doing so, you are able to attend meetings and complete your tasks without any hassle.

Moreover, invest in tools like:

  1. Trello –
  2. Calendly:
  3. Notion:
  4. Canva: to get a better experience while you are working. You are able to track your schedule, schedule meetings, work on systems and create attractive designs for your blog or product.

7. Learn to say NO

You can feel that it is wrong to say NO in work and play situations. But it is one of the underrated skills in today’s world. When you want to say yes and work on the right opportunities, it means that you will have to say NO to others.
As a digital nomad, you need to learn how and when to say no to work and no to adventures. However, it takes a lot of practice. But keep on practicing and you will get it right!

8. Maintain awareness

When you are a digital nomad, you are prone to get lost in all the experiences you are collecting around the world.

Yes, this is not wrong. But it can affect your professional and personal life negatively.
When you work in a fast-paced lifestyle as a digital nomad, you can miss out on a whole lot of things when you go off the radar even for a few hours. So make sure that you have access to information on what is happening in your field and around the world on a daily or weekly basis.

9. Self evaluation

At the end of each day or week, sit down and reflect back on the things you have learned and the mistakes that you have made.

I know you may think that this is unnecessary but finding your strengths and weaknesses helps you grow.

Find a quiet corner. Take out your diary/journal and write out all the things that happened for the day or past week. Go through all the mistakes you’ve made. Learnings you’ve experienced.

And then ask yourself “Did it help me in getting closer to what I want to be tomorrow?”

10. Hustle = Passion

Finding a hustle that excites you and helps you grow as an individual is the best way to balance your life. It wouldn’t just merely be your work but you are going to find ways to keep yourself happier. At the end of the day, you need to strive for authenticity and passionate life in both your work and personal lives.
So what better way to make your hustle your passion and have fun at the same time?

Life as a digital nomad can be liberating and fun ( But it is still a job which means you need to be smart in how you do things and manage your lifestyle.

By following these simple steps you will be able to strive in your career and build up on those special bonds that will create a long-lasting effect.

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