Impromptu Solo Trip to Kandy: Co-working, TEDx, Networking, Learning, & Growth

Impromptu Solo Trip to Kandy: Co-working, TEDx, Networking, Learning, & Growth

I recently took an impromptu solo trip to Kandy on the 21st and 22nd of January. I wanted to go somewhere and focus on some work I needed to complete, so I called one of my sisters who lived there and decided to visit her. I talked to my friend Razeen, who is knowledgeable about transportation facilities around Sri Lanka and planned to take the morning train to Kandy. However, when I arrived at the Fort Railway Station, I found out that all the tickets were sold out for the 7 AM and 8:30 AM trains even though I was there at 6:30 in the morning. I had to take an intercity instead and arrived in Kandy around 10 AM.

While on my way to Kandy, I searched for a co-working space where I could focus on my work. I found out that The American Corner in Kandy had good Wi-Fi facilities that I could access for free, but they only allowed access to the internet through their own PCs and laptops. I had to use my own laptop, so I used my mobile hotspot instead. Razeen joined me there, and I also learned that The American Corner offers various programs and opportunities for young people to learn about the USA’s culture, history, and English language

American Corner

Later that day, one of my cousins informed me about a TEDx session that was happening at Trinity College in Kandy. I was unaware of TEDx sessions in Sri Lanka and was excited to attend. I was able to be a part of three inspiring sessions by T. Sayandhan, CEO of Sunshine Healthcare Lanka LTD, where he was talking about his book, “Medical Rep to CEO: 7 Mantras for Success,” Shanaka Gunawardena, a Molecular Biologist and science educator. His tadpole story was inspiring. The key takeaway from his speech was that it takes time to figure out something, but your passion and curiosity towards that should not reduce. And Shivaram Muhunthan talked about the importance of the right leadership.

TEDx Kandy at Trinity College

After the TEDx session, I quickly left to meet my friend Sanjana for a cup of coffee at the Ceylon Tea Cabin, where we had a good cup of coffee, and the day came to an end. 

On the first day of my search for co-working and co-living spaces in Kandy, I found it challenging. The next day, around 9 in the morning, I decided to take a walk around the streets of Kandy. The weather was great, as it usually is in Kandy. I visited a local market, Mahajana, to purchase some goods and then headed towards the town centre.

The problem of finding a proper co-working or co-living space in Kandy still existed. I was curious to find at least a place where I could grab a cup of coffee and work for a while. With no other options available, I headed towards a cafe. There were plenty of cafes in Kandy, but I wasn’t sure about the internet connectivity. I had two options in mind, Caffe Secret Alley or Java Lounge. I decided to go with Caffe Secret Alley because I wanted to try something new and was attracted to its nomadic and vibrant theme. I read some positive reviews about the place and wanted to experience it.

Nesli and Arif at cafe secret alley with NomadBuddy bahey

Cafe Secret Alley turned out to be a great choice. The food and environment were fantastic. I was able to work for a while and network with other digital nomads who shared my interests. The cafe offered free Wi-Fi with decent speed, and the staff and owner were friendly and supportive. Cafe Secret Alley is worth visiting if you’re in Kandy and looking for a space to work and have a cup of coffee or a meal. It’s a hidden gem located down an alley, with vibrant colours and good lighting. I simply loved it

During my time at the cafe, I met a cool couple, Arif and Nessli, from Iran and Turkey, respectively. We had an enlightening conversation about their nomadic lifestyle and the importance of having a community dedicated to digital nomads that cater to their needs. I also had a chat with the owner of Caffe Secret Alley, Mr Dilshan, about the visits of digital nomads in Sri Lanka, their lifestyles, and their needs. It was sad to hear from him about the potential of our country and how poorly we manage our resources in building our nation. Later that day, I wrapped up my things and took an intercity back to Colombo. I had lunch at a local hotel before returning.

Kandy Queens hotel building
Kandy street fruit seller dalada maligawa street
Kandy town Java Louonge

In conclusion, my solo trip to Kandy was an incredibly valuable experience that taught me about the importance of planning and research, the value of independence and self-reliance, the joys of meeting new people, the importance of staying safe, and the benefit of taking time to appreciate the local culture. I wish to keep writing about each aspect of learning I found and how we can improve on this topic in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned!

As a co-founder who builds a community for digital nomads, this trip helped me to understand the challenges and requirements of this lifestyle and reinforced my belief in the importance of being organized and prepared. Overall, it was a trip filled with new experiences, knowledge, and personal growth that I will never forget.

dalada maligawa and kandy lake

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