Hypnotized by Heavenly Hiriketiya

Heavenly Hiriketiya

Also known as the horse shoe shaped bay, Hiriketiya is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is one of the upcoming hotspots for all digital nomads due to its chill vibe with the best surf and yoga spots. Combining the hipster cafes and palm trees hanging over the beaches, Hiriketiya is a paradise on earth.

So, Digital Nomads, who are seeking for a different pace of life, this is your place to be!

How to get to Hiriketiya?

It is around 180KM away from Colombo but a short drive away from Dikwella (around 2 minutes). The most fun way is to arrive by a local bus which literally cost to nothing as there is always a link to the station in Dickwella to regional cities like Colombo. There is also a new route from Dickwella to the backpacker mountain town of Ella.

Or you can take a train from Colombo Fort: the Beliatta train and disembark at Wewrukannala station. Thereafter you can take a tuk-tuk to Hiriketiya.

But there is also an option of taking a private transfer to get from the airport in Coloombo to Hiriketiya. It may take a higher cost but nonetheless it is safer and more convenient.

Where to stay?

If you are looking for a luxurious sense of living, then Hiriketiya is filled with mid0high end hotels but they do offer more cheaper options to the local houses.

Some of the places that you can look in to stay are Jasper House, Salt House, Dots Bay House (more in the high end) but there are more affordable places like the Clics Coliving and Coworking space, Bunk 15 (around $7-$10 for one night)

What to do in Hiriketiya?

Surfing at Hirketiya is a big must! Hiriketiya beach has become widely popular for surfing with the ‘right’ conditions. With the super soft beach and the right waves both beginners and experienced surfers can take on their left-handers rolling perfectly into the shore. Even though the smaller swell during the peak season between December to February is more suitable for beginners, the waves are their best for imtermediate/ experienced surfers during August-December.

But If you are not into surfing then Hirketiya is a great place to chill and relax. You can head down to the beach in the afternoon to relax, swim and watch the mesmerizing sunset that lights up the sky. If luck is in your side, you may even catch a turtle swimming in the shallows of the water.

After your afternoons in the beaches, you can try a relaxing yoga retreat where you can get the peace of mind even in open jungles! If you do have more leisure time, you can always travel to Dickwella which is a mere 10 minutes drive by tuk-tuk. At Dickwella, you can try the rope swings (it is a thing in Sri Lanka) in which you can swing overlooking a super calm bay!

But if you want to sit and work (complete those tasks that have been piling up), then there are various spaces in which you can work and enjoy a small bite at the same time. One of the places that are talked about is Verse Collective which offers you a fast internet, tasty food and refreshing drinks for the hot weather. 

What to eat?

Sri Lanka cuisine is one of the favourites of digital nomads for its taste, texture and aroma from the Sri Lankan spices. Venturing into Hiriketiya, it will provide you with an array of food items ranging from rice and curry, massive serving of kothu, poke bowl, and even a quick bite of rotti.

Do check out The Malu Poke, Smoke and Bitters, Dots Bay House and Roti Hut at Hiriketiya for a mouthwatering spicy yet soulful food!

When to visit Hiriketiya?

The BEST time to visit is between January-March when there is a low rainfall with calmer seas. Early January is a peak time for tourists to visit which may be too crowded for your liking. But there are times in which you can do enjoy a silent treat in the beaches. 

So pack your bag with the necessary essentials and get away from your routine culture to experience the once in a life time opportunity at Hiriketiya! And don’t you worry, you can still complete your work while experiencing love at first sight in the place where the jungle meets the sea.