Discover the Joy of Dancing To The Tune Of The Earth

Discover the Joy of Dancing To The Tune Of The Earth | NomadBuddy Blogs

Hello fellow dancers! Being stuck inside a home or office, around four walls, is not really easy is it? It becomes stressful with all the work but most importantly dull with all the routine schedule.

Living your life by a compass

Amidst the confusion and stress, the only thing that can boost your mentality and creativity is travel! 

Enjoying a sunset in the Welcoming Weligama ( or long walks in the town of Madrid or indulging in the history of Greek gods in Athens, Travelling solves everything!

So who is ready to see how restorative traveling can be?

1. Broadens Horizons

Travelling to new locations and experiencing new things allows you to broaden your horizon in terms of new cultures, beliefs, and ways of life. It can be a simple habit of saying “Thank you” or a much more spiritual awakening!

Stepping into unchartered places can be scary but coming out on the other side with a happier heart and a bag full of insights is way more welcoming!

2. Disconnect and Recharge

Working for 12 hours at a stretch or studying continuously for a few months can become stressful. As human beings we aren’t machines which is why we deserve those breaks from time to time. It can be a walk down nature or trying out new food with your loved one. Notably, it would definitely brighten up your mind.

3. Improves Physical Health

From sprinting through the airport to hiking a mountain, traveling can bring up the energy to your physical self. 

For instance, Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association, has found out that travel decreases the risk of heart attacks and makes your brain healthier! (Refer to:

4. Boosts Creativity

Are you an author who is having a writer’s block? Or are you an advertising manager struggling to come up with the next best campaign? Then don’t you fret.

Yes, We got the answer! Traveling can definitely help you! You can ignite your creativity from the places you visit, the people you talk to, and even the variety of food you try.

5. Making Memories

Whether it be you making a new friend along the way or learning how to hip-hop dance, you will definitely be making memories that you cannot count with your fingers. 

Certainly, Learning something through a degree is significant. But experiencing the downfalls of life and making affirmations to be the best version of yourself through real-life situations will be the ones that drive us.

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. So who is ready to indulge in the earth’s miracles and dance to its tunes? 

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