Discovering the Best Co-Working Spaces Around the World in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide Based on the Global Startup Awards

Discovering the Best Co-Working Spaces Around the World in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide based on the Global Startup Awards | Nomad buddy

Are you tired of working from home or in coffee shops? Do you crave a collaborative and innovative environment to work in? Co-working spaces are the solution for you. 

Co-working spaces are shared workspaces that provide individuals with a place to work alongside other professionals. These spaces often provide access to shared amenities such as desks, meeting rooms, and high-speed internet. They can be found in a variety of locations, ranging from major cities to rural areas. Based on the places and the facilities the co-working spaces provide, the prices and packages may vary. 

Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are several reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the rise of remote work. As more people are working from home or from other locations outside of the traditional office such as Digital Nomads, co-working spaces provide a professional workspace that can help individuals stay productive and focused for them.

Another reason for the popularity of co-working spaces is the changing nature of work itself. Many jobs today are project-based, rather than being tied to a specific location. Co-working spaces provide individuals with a place to work on these projects and collaborate with others, regardless of where they are located.

In this post, we will explore the global finalists for the best co-working spaces in Global Startup Awards 2023 and find out who wins the title for the best co-working space in the world this year. So, read till the end to find the best of best!

The Global Startup Awards (GSA) is an annual competition that honors and recognizes the accomplishments of startups and business owners across a range of nations and sectors. The awards are intended to recognize and highlight the most cutting-edge and significant startups, as well as the people and organizations that support them.

Startups can compete for recognition and awards in the GSA program’s regional and national competitions in categories like Best Startup, Best Social Impact Startup, Best Co-working space and Best AI/Machine Learning Startup. The winners from each region and category proceed to the international contest where they contend for the overall title of Global Startup of the Year.

A variety of networking and educational events are also a part of the GSA program, giving startups the chance to meet investors, mentors, and other businesspeople. The program’s ultimate objective is to support global entrepreneurship and innovation while assisting startups in their growth and success.

In this blog, we’ve firstly covered the Global finalists who were recognized in the Global Startup Award (GSA) 2023 for the best co-working space and then revealed the winner at the end of this article. So, go through the following best co-working spaces around the globe and find out which is best for you!

Hatch | Sri Lanka

Hatch Works' Members Lounge
Hatch Works' Members Lounge

Hatch offers a range of services to startups, including mentorship, funding, access to a network of experts, and a co-working space. Their mentorship program connects startups with experienced entrepreneurs who can provide guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of starting a business.

Hatch’s co-working space is designed to provide a collaborative and innovative startup environment. It includes high-speed internet, meeting rooms, event spaces, and a range of other facilities that startups need to grow and succeed.

In addition to supporting startups, Hatch also hosts events and workshops to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Sri Lanka. They have partnered with various organizations, including the World Bank, American Embassy and the United Nations Development Programme, to support the growth of the startup ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

Hatch has received multiple awards in Sri Lanka and beyond. In 2022, Hatch won the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) award for the best co-working space and the best accelerator/incubator program. In 2021, Hatch was named the global winner of the best co-working space. Additionally, in 2020, Hatch won the SAARC award for the best co-working space.

Hatch was recognized as one of the global finalists at this year’s GSA.  According to Geevan Gnanam, a co-founder of Hatch, Hatch is a curated co-working space, business incubator, and hub for the community that fosters collaboration, promotes innovation, and facilitates progress for all its members.” 

Hatch Team
Hatch Team

These awards recognize Hatch’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the growth of startups in Sri Lanka and the wider South Asian region. The awards also reflect the quality of the services provided by Hatch, including its co-working space, mentorship program, and funding opportunities. Hatch’s success in these awards demonstrates its impact on the startup ecosystem in Sri Lanka and beyond and its dedication to promoting innovation, collaboration, and progress among its members.

If you are around Sri lanka and looking for the best co-working space in Sri Lanka which is now open for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers, then it should be Hatch Works.

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Impact Hub Stockholm
Impact Hub Stockholm

Impact Hub Stockholm co-working space is another Global finalist for the GSA2023. It’s a member of a global network of over 100 Impact Hubs located in major cities worldwide. Impact Hub Stockholm is a cool co-working space in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a place where people who are passionate about making a positive impact on society can come together to work, network, and collaborate.

Impact Hub Stockholm’s focus on sustainability and social impact is one thing that sets it apart. The people who work there are committed to making the world a better place. They’re doing it in all kinds of creative ways, from launching sustainable fashion brands to starting social enterprises tackling issues like poverty and inequality.

The space itself is designed to be an inspiring and collaborative environment. There are many different workspaces, from private offices to shared workstations and everything in between. Plus, there are great amenities like super-fast internet, printing and scanning facilities, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

But the best thing about Impact Hub Stockholm is the people. It’s an incredibly supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all working toward the same goal: creating a more sustainable and equitable world. And frequent events and workshops are happening, so it’s a great place to learn new things and meet new people.

Suppose you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or social innovator who wants to be part of a community of people about making a difference living in Sweden. You should check out Impact Hub Stockholm. It’s an exceptional place!

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Puzl co-working space

Puzl Coworking is a coworking space located in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, and a finalist at the GSA 2023 again. The space is designed to provide an innovative and inspiring environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

Puzl Coworking offers a variety of membership plans to meet the needs of different individuals and organizations. Members can access fully-equipped workstations, meeting rooms, event spaces, and other amenities like printing and high-speed internet. They can also access various networking events, workshops, and other community activities.

One of the unique features of Puzl Coworking is its focus on technology and innovation. The space is designed to promote collaboration and creativity among its members, emphasising fostering a community of like-minded individuals passionate about technology and entrepreneurship.

In addition to its coworking space, Puzl Coworking also offers various services to support startups and small businesses. These include mentorship, incubation, acceleration programs, and access to funding and other resources.

Overall, Puzl Coworking is another vibrant and dynamic coworking space providing a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals and organizations looking to grow and innovate in technology and entrepreneurship.

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Impact Hub Tbilisi
Impact Hub Tbilisi

Impact Hub Tbilisi is a community of social entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is also a part of the Impact Hub network, with over 100 locations worldwide, similar to Impact Hub Stockholm, as we discussed here previously. The organization’s mission is to provide a collaborative and inspiring environment for individuals and startups who are working towards creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Impact Hub Tbilisi offers a co-working space, meeting rooms, event spaces, and various programs and events such as workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking events. The organization also offers startup acceleration and incubation programs, providing the necessary resources and support to grow and scale their businesses.

As a member of Impact Hub Tbilisi, individuals have access to a global network of entrepreneurs and experts and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals. Members can also participate in various programs and events designed to support the development of their businesses and projects.

Impact Hub Tbilisi aims to positively impact the local community by fostering a community of social entrepreneurs and change-makers working towards a sustainable future.

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Unbox _ United Arab Emirates
Unbox | United Arab Emirates

Unbox is another fantastic co-working space in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that provides a professional and collaborative environment for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. The UAE is becoming a popular place for remote workers and startups. They have invested a lot in creating great co-working spaces throughout the country, and Unbox is one of these initiatives. The space is designed to foster creativity, productivity, and innovation by providing a range of amenities, services, and resources.

Unbox offers various membership options, including hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. Members can access high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing facilities, and a fully equipped kitchen. The space is also pet-friendly, allowing members to bring their furry friends to work with them.

In addition to its physical facilities, Unbox provides a range of business support services, such as mentorship programs, networking events, and workshops. These services are designed to help members develop their skills, expand their networks, and grow their businesses.

More than just a workspace, the best part of Unbox is, the vibrant community of like minded entrepreneurs and professionals. They strive to promote innovation and connections between startups, industry leaders, innovators, and corporations. Their flexible and scalable workspace solutions cater to businesses of all sizes, whether it’s a startup, a digital nomad, or a corporation. Unbox, Dubai also boasts exceptional design, which aims to nurture a culture of creativity and provide a unique environment for innovators to thrive. 

The origami-inspired design reflects their mission to bring together creative thinkers and technical talent in an inclusive and collaborative environment to solve complex problems. So, if you are in Dubai and looking for a vibrant and inspiring co-working space, then Unbox is the right place for you that we also recommend. 

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WORQ Coworking Space _ Malaysia
WORQ Coworking Space | Malaysia

WORQ Coworking Space is yet another community-driven workspace located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their mission is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to work and grow their businesses.

WORQ offers a variety of flexible membership options to fit the needs of different individuals and businesses, including hot desks, fixed desks, and private offices. They also provide access to meeting rooms, event spaces, and a range of amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, and a pantry with free-flow coffee and tea.

In addition to providing physical workspace, WORQ hosts various events and programs to foster a sense of community and help members learn and grow. They offer workshops, networking events, and mentorship opportunities to help entrepreneurs and startups succeed.

WORQ Coworking Space aims to create a vibrant and collaborative community of like-minded individuals passionate about building their businesses and impacting their respective fields.

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Workshop 17 | South Africa African Region
Workshop 17 | South Africa African Region

Workshop 17 is a vibrant co-working space located in Cape Town, South Africa. The space provides an inspiring environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups to work and collaborate.
Workshop 17 offers flexible membership options, including hot desk, dedicated desk, and private office options. The space is designed to foster creativity and collaboration, with comfortable and modern furniture, plenty of natural light, and a range of amenities, including high-speed internet, printing facilities, and meeting rooms.
In addition to its co-working offerings, Workshop 17 hosts various events and workshops, allowing members to network, learn new skills, and gain business exposure.
Overall, Workshop 17 provides a dynamic and supportive community for entrepreneurs and freelancers in Cape Town, with the resources and amenities necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

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Avila Spaces _ Portugal
Avila Spaces | Portugal

Portugal is a growing spot for digital nomads and remote workers. The country has also launched a Digital Nomad visa recently to promote remote workers and digital nomads coming the Portugal.  Avila Spaces, located in Lisbon, is a strong supporter of this initiative and plays a significant role in promoting Portugal as an ideal destination for digital nomads and remote workers. 

When Avila Spaces first opened its doors back in 2004 it was hardly noticeable against an expansive global landscape filled with numerous competitors offering similar workspaces to entrepreneurs and startups alike. However, by setting themselves apart from rivals through top-notch facilities capable of seamlessly accommodating pros from different locations around the globe, they have been able to carve out a unique niche for themselves. 

This dedication towards creating strong communities at each of their locations underscores why they’ve been touted as one of the world’s best. Avila Spaces has been recognized for their commitment and perseverance by being honored with the title of Best Coworking Space in the World at this year’s Global Startup Awards. This marking achievement speaks volumes regarding their accomplishments and unwavering enthusiasm to develop an unparalleled coworking environment.

 Avila Spaces offer flexible workspace solutions to businesses. The company has been recognized as Portugal’s most awarded business centre and is considered the innovation leader in the country’s flexible workspaces market.They provide a premium, state-of-the-art environment for businesses to grow sustainably and dynamically. Their co-working spaces and business lounges are designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and productivity among entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers.
The company offers various services, including shared office spaces, meeting rooms, virtual office solutions, and event spaces. They cater to various business needs, providing flexible membership options tailored to individual requirements.

Avila Spaces’ mission is to create an environment that inspires and empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve their full potential. They believe that providing flexible workspace solutions can help businesses focus on their core activities and achieve success.

One of the main reasons for their win was due to the opening of the first-ever coworking space within a shopping center called Avila Work City. This coworking space is located in an open area of 700 square meters within Atrium Saldanha (Sonae Sierra) and offers a lounge area, private offices, collaborative work zones, meeting rooms, phone booths, and a pantry.

Another contributing factor to their success was the diverse range of companies that belong to the Avila Spaces community. The community includes entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and even multinational companies like Chanel, Lindt, and Royal Caribbean. This diversity offers excellent networking opportunities and the chance for businesses to work together to achieve their goals.

They are highly regarded co-working space provider in Portugal, offering flexible workspace solutions to businesses in a premium and state-of-the-art environment. It’s an excellent option for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers who need a flexible workspace solution tailored to their needs. If you are looking for a co-working space in Portugal, it’s not only us who recommend Avila Spaces, but the Globe. 

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There are even more unique and striving co-working spaces around the globe. If you know them, mention and tag them here in our comments. We are glad to connect with them and provide you some more interesting facts on such spaces. Also, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter, so that you keep updated on what’s going on in the remote working and digital nomad world!


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